Jiro Wang in ‘Transformers 4’?

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Earlier, Transformers 4 has called for a Chinese Actor Talent Search to look for for two Chinese actors and two Chinese actresses in the casting. While many big names such as Peter Ho, Huang Xiaoming and Chen Kun were thrown in, Taiwanese pop idol Jiro Wang has a good chance of starring in the fourth chapter of Michael Bay’s blockbuster movie.

According to the online voting poll of the Transformers 4 Talent Search, Jiro has topped the chart for the “Action Hunk” category and has received 257,000 of votes! Jiro has also been informed to go through a second round of audition.

Excited in the possibility of starring in Transformers 4, Jiro said, “I am really look forward to it. If I can participate in Transformers 4, my feelings will be like striking a lottery! ”

Besides brushing up his English, Jiro has also been hitting out the gym regularly to prepare for his “Action Hunk” audition.

The 31-year-old has been training in gym regularly for 1 hour at least and has built up his 8-pack abs. Although Jiro does not abstain from any food, he will try to avoid eating deep fried food for a week prior to any work.

Calling it the devil week, Jiro will eat more watermelon and rinse all food with a cup of warm water before putting into his mouth.

Jiro said, “I can’t enjoy any food in the devil week.”

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Source: Apple Daily 

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  1. Darren And Henry Reply

    Yes!!!!!!!!! I’m so very excited to see Jiro in transformers 4!

  2. sai laurel Reply

    I hope he will make it. It will be good to him to see in the movie. I am a big fan. Seen him almost all in his drama. It started with a kiss, they kiss again, hana kimi, drama go go, absolute boyfriend and fabulous boys. Go go jiro wang

  3. Sandy Reply

    I can’t wait to see Jiro in the bigscreen!
    I do hope that he makes it to Transformers 4.
    I also hope that there is another romantic tv show again.

  4. rhem Reply

    waaahh!!! Jiro wang is really handsome, i’m really a fan of him since It’s Started with a kiss.. :3

  5. AireenGalit Reply

    Wow… This is it the good news for us as a fan of him….

  6. genalyn Reply

    I do hope to see Jiro in Transformers 4! When will it be shown? 😉

    1. Carrie Reply

      Transformers 4 is set for release in 2014. Don’t we all look forward to see Jiro standing alongside with the transformers 🙂