Joe Chen denies falling out with Ming Dao

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After acting together in “The prince who turns into the frog” , Joe Chen (陈乔恩) and Ming Dao (明道) have forged a close friendship and subsequently collaborated in other series. However, Joe reportedly was dropped off as the lead actress in the sequel of “Queen of SOP” , in which the popular idol series was produced by Ming Dao’s production company.

As Joe reportedly asked for an exorbitant filming fee, she was being downgraded as a guest star in the sequel. Joe and Ming Dao reportedly had fallen out over the payout.

Joe’s manager expressed that they had not received the script of “Queen of SOP 2”. Revealing that the sequel intended to target at younger viewers, Joe’s manager pointed out that the role might not be suitable for Joe.

Angered by the rumors, Joe wrote in her Weibo, “What have I done wrong? I have been seriously working hard, dilgently acted in my drama and treated everyone politely.  I have been facing everyone and anything with honesty and try to prevent any scandalous news. I do not care about the news value, what have I done wrong to deserve all these? Where do I have to hide to prevent bullet from hitting me?”


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  1. elliot jonana Reply

    ming Dao and Joe Chen u guyz come on dont u see that u belong into each others arms u look absolutely great together im sooo in luv with u guyz haaa pliz do something and have many kids as soon as possible u guyz are the best actors come on u belong together

  2. sugdiyona Reply

    i am 13 years old and i really love the drama ”prince who turns into a frog” but why Joe Chen and Ming Doe just get along i dont really want to ask quastion and bored you i just want to see you guys be close friends like last time if you too dont really understand english i cant talk in yours language but i want to know your situation for right now chen and ming doe you guys are the best actors and i want to guys get back together. when i so the pictures of you too i thought you guys like each other. i you think i am good actor you can invite me for…