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Taiwanese actress, Joe Chen accidentally tripped at the red carpet of 2012 CETV Asia Top 10 at Guangzhou and it was all caught on the camera.

As Joe’s drama, Queen of SOP tops the China’s ratings chart, she is awarded CETV Asia Top 10 two days ago along with Wu Chun, Vanness Wu, Jimmy Lin, LOLLIPOP F, Sonia Sui, Ge You, Ada Liu, Korean artistes Han Hyo Joo and Yoon Si Yoon.

Clad in a black and white sexy gown, Joe’s 15-inch heels was stuck at the carpet after she gave an interview at the red carpet. Joe then exerted her strength to pull out her shoes and when her body leaped forward, she ended up falling flat on her face in front of all the reporters. Joe’s cleavage was fully exposed and her left knee suffered bruises and cut. 

Standing up immediately after the horrific disaster, Joe embarrassingly exclaimed, “It’s really a disgrace”.

Instead of feeling sorry for her, a reported asked if she had fell down intentionally to gain publicity. A teary eyed Joe was shocked and replied, “It was not intentional. I was tripped by my heels”. 

Source: appledaily.com.tw, mingpao

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