Joe Ma says filming ‘Tiger Cubs 2’ is like going to war

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TVB’s police thriller series Tiger Cubs <飛虎Ⅱ> received immense popularity when it was aired in 2012. With intense action and explosive gunshots scenes, the series received very good viewership even though it was aired on a Sunday night slot.

With the original cast and a new character starred by Linda Chung, Tiger Cubs 2 will premiere on October 19. The sequel will feature 10 different cases, which promises suspense, excitement and adrenaline rush. Besides the explosive scenes, the series will also feature the characters of the SDU team, as well as the criminals. One of the cases will also describe the internal conflicts among the SDU members.

During the publicity of the Tiger Cubs 2, Joe Ma shared that filming the sequel was very tough as the cast had to dress in a full SDU outfit under the blazing hot weather.

Recalling his filming experience back then, Joe laughed and said, “At that time, the crew said that it was very tough, and we wouldn’t want to film it again.”

Joe also described filming the series was like going to war, as they hoped to wrap up the filming as soon as possible.

“However, after a while, we would be asking again when the next war would come. Haha!”

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Another highlight of the series will be Linda Chung, who sheds her girl-next-door image, to play a ruthless and fiery undercover cop. In the show, Linda will also have many fighting scenes, and said that this will be her most violent performance in her acting career.

“I hope that the audience can see that I am versatile. I can take on both the good and crazy roles,” said Linda.


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