Joey Meng denies flirting with Johnson Lee

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TVB actress, Joey Meng was rumoured to be flirting with her co-star, Johnson Lee while filming for new drama, Ox Head Loves Horse Mouth <牛头爱搭马嘴>.

Last week, Joey and Johnson reportedly ditched the production crew and made their way to the carpark after finishing their make-up. The duo was said to have disappeared for 15 minutes before making their way back to to the film set.

After the filming, both headed for a dinner together. Joey and Johnson allegedly behaved intimately together and Johnson even put his hands around her shoulders. During the meal, Johnson appeared to be troubled while listening to Joey’s teleconversation with her husband.

A production crew said, “Although Joey is married, she still behaves like a teenage girl. She likes to act coquettish. Although Johnson is younger than her, he is attracted to her. They are like twins on the film set, constantly sticking to each other.”

Michael Miu reportedly was also attracted to Joey while filming A Change of Heart <好心作怪> in 2012. A source revealed that Joey was constantly acting sultry towards Michael and got his wife, Jaime Chik all worked up.



Joey has dismissed her rumours with Johnson and responded with a laugh.

“My friends all laughed at me. My husband even consoled me. He said it was better than being rumoured to be on bad terms. Two weeks ago, it was reported that we were on bad terms. I am not sure what will be reported next. We just treat it as a publicity for drama. This is my first scandal after so many years. Johnson even laughed at me.”

Joey also added, “We are filming a comedy and have to rehearse and communicate. Don’t tell me we can’t even talk? ”

Source: HK Channel, Oriental Daily, Ming Pao 

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