Joey Meng denies kissing Johnson Lee in the rain

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Joey Meng and Johnson Lee were rumoured to have hooked up while filming for new series, Officer Geomancer <牛头爱搭马嘴>. Although the duo had dismissed their romantic rumours, Hong Kong tabloids recently claimed to have taken photos of their intimate behaviour.

Last week, Joey and Johnson were seen leaving from a meal gathering with friends. As it was raining that day, Johnson was spotted sheltering Joey under his umbrella.

While walking together in the rain, Johnson wrapped his arm around Joey’s shoulder. Tabloids claimed that the pair was tipsy and ended up sharing a kiss under the same umbrella.

Joey has since responded that the angle in which the photos were taken is misleading.

She said, “I don’t have to explain further. There were friends around that day and they knew what was going on. The person who took the photos knew the truth. These are just photography tricks which are used many times. Nothing new.”

Joey said that her husband had absolute trust in her.

“This is how the showbiz works. I have experienced the ups and downs all these years. This is nothing. My husband is now by my side. We are married for more than ten years. Such thing won’t affect our relationship.”


Source: Oriental Sunday via HK Channel 

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