Joey Meng leaves TVB

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Joey Meng has left TVB after her contract ended last month.

The 44-year-old actress has cast as several female roles after joining TVB in 2012. TVB has tried persuading Joey to renew her contract under the artiste management contract, but Joey has still decided to leave the TV station.

While filming Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!> last year, Joey’s six cats had passed away one after another. Although Joey’s emotions was badly affected, she still maintained her professionalism to finish filming the comedy drama.

As she has yet to overcome her grief of her cats’ passing, Joey decided to halt her work and take a long break.

Joey’s scriptwriter husband, Chan Sap Sam said, “She needs a break. It’s a difficult time for her as all our cats have left. She is not feeling very well, so she stops her work for now.”

The couple will not consider adopting cats again. Chan said, “We don’t have such plans. It’s like 6 of our loved ones have left. We are all devastated.”

Chan also said that the couple will not be considering having a baby, as they have mutual consensus. Chan will go on a long holiday with Joey after he completes his work on hand.

Source: HK Channel

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