Joey Yung’s sexy poster removed from billboard

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After three years, Joey Yung will once again hold her concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. As it marks her 7th time at the Hong Kong Coliseum, the ageas 1314 Joey Yung’s concert will be held during the Christmas festive season from 23-28 February 2013.

To promote her series of concerts, EEG has invited a renowned photographer from China, Chen Man to shoot her publicity posters. Joey has also transformed into a sexy goddess and has many seductive poses for the posters.

In one of the publicity posters, Joey wears a low cut tube top with her legs crossed and appears to be undressing her red panty. The poster might be a little too inviting on the billboard. Worried that the seductive poster may affect the safety of the drivers, the tunnel company has strongly objected to hang the poster at the tunnel entrance.

Eventually, her lower body was cropped from the photo and finally makes it to the billboard. This is the second time in which her poster was recalled.

Joey said, “There are so many setbacks. Previously, there were two typhoons and the posters had to remove for safety reason. This time, it has finally succeeded to make it to the billboard.”


Source: Ming Pao 

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