Johnson Lee accidentally exposes relationship with Ellen Chan: “I have not been on her bed this year!”

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Johnson Lee has been romantically rumoured with Ellen Chan, who is 8 years older than him. The couple have not admitted to their relationship, but Ellen would often address Johnson as her “hubby” and “boyfriend”.

At Johnson’s latest talk show, Sze U Tonight <今晚睇李>, it looks like he has accidentally exposed his relationship with Ellen.

During a segment of show, Johnson and his invited guest, Edwin Siu were playing an exciting game on Truth or Lie. Johnson first asked Edwin, “Have you watched adult videos before?”

Edwin smiled and said, “I have not watched any today.”

Edwin then posed a even sharper question towards Johnson and asked, “Have you been to Ellen Chan’s bed?”

A blushed Johnson said, “I have not in 2015!”

When Ellen was told about Johnson’s respond in the show, she laughed and said, “Hahaha! He really knows how to create publicity for his show. (How about his reply?) It doesn’t mean anything. I will not say anything in case it gets misunderstood.”

Ellen said that she had a close relationship with Johnson but she only treats him like a younger brother.

Meanwhile, Johnson declined to respond on his “bed” respond, and emphasied that it was only “for the show”.

Source: The Sun

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