Johnson Lee is chasing after Myolie Wu?

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Myolie Wu recently tricked the public into believing that she had a new romance. It also caused speculations if she was dating Johnson Lee since the pair was photographed behaving intimately at the airport.

Although she has clarified that it was only a prank, tabloids said that Johnson was actually interested in Myolie and was courting her actively.

During the Valentine’s Day, Johnson reportedly gave her flowers and begged Paisley Wu to help him. He even insisted to follow Myolie and her girlfriends to the Korea trip so that he could get closer to her. However, he still failed to win her heart.

Myolie, Johnson and Mandy Wong returned to Hong Kong two days ago. Myolie said, “It was a simple incident. Anyway, you all have been tricked!”

Johnson added, “Myolie is all along very tense. I always tell her to open up and be happy.”

Agreeing with Johnson, Myolie said, “Johnson is right. Sometimes, there is no need to be too serious.”

Asked about the rumours that Johnson was chasing after her, Myolie said, “The story was made up. We only treat each other like brothers.”

Source: HK Channel, Oriental Daily 

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