Johnson Lee on rumour with Jacqueline Wong: Nothing is impossible

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Johnson Lee was rumoured to be dating his co-star, Jacqueline Wong in Smooth Talker <以和為貴> for three months.

Recently, Jacqueline was spotted getting up on Johnson’s car and headed back to his apartment at night. Jacqueline was also seen dining with Johnson’s mother and appearing to be getting along well with her.

Jacqueline has since denied her relationship with Johnson. “He did send me back after the event, but I got off the car halfway. They said they saw me entering the house, but in actual fact, I did not.”

Meanwhile, Johnson also dismissed the rumours but said he was open to develop their relationship further.

“We are not dating. (Are you dating for 3 months?) We have been friends for more than 3 months.”

Asked if there was any possibility of developing further with Jacqueline, Johnson said, “There is. Nothing is impossible.”

Johnson also sang praises of Jacqueline, ” She is pretty, young, talented and a good friend. (How about being a couple?) Can consider!”

Source: Apple Daily,

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