Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying expect their first baby

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Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying will be expecting their first baby!

The couple has been trying for a child since they got married three years ago. Yesterday, Cherrie excitedly shared her pregnancy on Weibo and wrote, “It is finally my turn to be pregnant!”

The couple initially planned to share their baby news on Valentine’s day, but unfortunately good friend, Vivian Hsu blurted out on a television programme in Shanghai.

During the programme, Jordon and Vivian were recalling about their old days when Jordon joked that they both were still young. However, Vivian suddenly spilled the beans and asked Jordon, “Aren’t you going to be a dad soon?”

Jordon was embarrassed and was at a loss of words. Knowing that she uttered the wrong words, Vivian quickly covered up by saying that she probably remembered the wrong person. Jordon subsequently admitted that his wife had been pregnant for three months.

The 45-year-old actor said that he was happy and tense at the same time. Jordon also said that he would love the child no matter how he or she would look like.

On the other hand, Cherrie is excited and anticipates the arrival of their baby. Asked what her response was when she learnt about her pregnancy, Cherrie replied, “I am of course very happy when I knew about my pregnancy. We waited a long time after we got married. After I completed filming The Women Gang <女人帮>I took a break for ten months and was successfully pregnant. It was really a long wait but it was worth it!”

Cherrie has no preference on the baby gender as she is planning to have another baby. “I hope that the first baby will be boy. It should be, I think”.

She added, “I hope that he will be a useful person in future and is not a spoilt child. He should be an educated person who will contribute to the society”.

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