Kai Ko admits romance might be brewing between him and Tia Li!

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Recently, Kai Ko accepted a TV interview and talked about his drug arrest as well as his rumour with Tia Li.

Kai described his drug arrest as “the most painful moment” of his life. He said that he was worried that he would be recognised by his fellow cellmates. After he was released, he discovered that many friends had distanced themselves away from him, which made him very depressed.

He said, “I also read 5 to 6 million of online messages which were all scolding me. I felt abandoned and felt that life was tiring. I did not know how to walk out from home.”

Kai said that he achieved fame too early and too easy at the age of 20, which he took it for granted. It was until his drug arrest that his image was tarnished, and made him regretted his actions so much.

He vowed never to make the same mistake again, “I deserve to die if I were to make the same mistake again.”

Kai also addressed his rumours with Tia. After Kai’s release, Tia remained by his side to support him. They were also spotted together on several occasions.

Earlier, Tia also revealed that she had a love interest, and was waiting for that person to make a confession. This raised suspicions if the person she was referring to was Kai.

When asked to respond on his rumours with Tia, Kai candidly replied “I won’t rule out the possibility of us developing further.”

Source: Apple Daily

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