Kai Ko ‘patches back’ with Elva Hsiao on Instagram

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Since Kai Ko’s drug arrest, ex-girlfriend Elva Hsiao has been showing her support openly to him. Although in a new relationship with Elroy Cheo, Elva would still come forward and urged the public to continue supporting him.

On her Instagram, Elva even wrote an encouraging note to Kai while he was detained in Beijing, “Don’t you dare give up! One mistake will not wipe off all your good. We will wait for you to return. We will remember all the good in you. The road may be bumpy, but you will see the light that leads to peace. God bless all soul. We will be here to support you.”

After breaking up with Elva, Kai unfollowed her on her Instagram, and even vented his frustrations on the Facebook to blast his ex-girlfriend.

Perhaps knowing that Elva has showed her support to him, Kai re-followed Elva again on her Instagram after his release. The public is also concerned if the ex-couple will patch things back again, just like their Instagram.

Source: Ettoday 

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