Kai Ko says sorry in tears; First taste of drug was at Jaycee Chan’s house

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Taiwanese star Kai Ko was caught for drug offence together with his close buddy, Jaycee Chan on 14 August. Currently detained by the Beijing police, the 23-year-old filmed an apology video and expressed his regret for his action.

Kai, who shot to fame in 2011 after starring in the film, You are The Apple of my Eye, wore a convict uniform in the clip, and at one point even broke down in tears.

“I regret what I have done and I am very sorry. To all those who support me, like me and know me, I want to say sorry to them. I have set a worst example and made a terrible mistake.”

Kai choked up when mentioning about his family and friends.

“I am sure my family and friends are very worried for me. My heart is in pain, and I want to say sorry to them. I have disappointed them and I am a bad influence to the youths. I want to tell them this is a wrong behaviour. I am very sad.”

“After learning from this mistake, I will try to make myself a better person and face everyone with open arms. I also hope that my family, friends and those who like me will also face me with open arms and give me a hug.”


According to media report, Kai confessed that he had smoked drugs for two years. His first taste of drug was at Jaycee’s house.

“When he (Jaycee Chan) first took it (Marijuana) out from his house, I was taken aback. But, because it was him, I felt that it was alright. I was foolish to think that I could just leave after sniffing it once.”

Earlier reports suggested that Jaycee’s mother, Lin Feng-jiao did not like her son hanging out with Kai as she thought that he was a bad influence to him. It came as a irony to many after Kai revealed that he was introduced to drug use by Jaycee.

Kai’s parents and manager arrived at the detection centre yesterday, but was not allowed to visit him. Kai’s father also apologised to the media for “not teaching his son well”.

“Kai is wrong. He has set a bad example as a public figure.”


Source: Apple Daily, On.cc

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