Kai Ko seeks father’s approval to bring Tia Li home

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Just two days ago, Tia Li was spotted hanging out with Kai Ko and his family. Tia also appeared to be very comfortable with his family and chatted happily with them. The underground relationship between the duo is gradually surfacing.

On the other hand, the paparazzi also took photos of Tia leaning onto Kai when she was drunk. It happened on December 11 at a private gathering hosted by Kai’s father.

After the gathering ended, Kai was photographed holding onto a drunk Tia and brought her back to his home.

When the photos were published, Kai explained that he had sought his father’s advice before bringing her back to his home.

Meanwhile, Tia also said that she was drunk that day, and because she trusted Kai, she went to his home which was just nearby the restaurant to rest. She also felt assured as his parents were around.

Kai also said that he did not know how to contact her family, and after she woke up, he arranged to send her home. When asked about their relationship, Kai said, “We are good friends all along.”


Source: Apple Daily

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