Kai Ko takes drunk Tia Li home

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Kai Ko and Tia Li have been rumoured since last year after being caught on several dates. Recently, Tia got drunk at a gathering and they were spotted heading straight to Kai’s home.

Recently, Kai’s father hosted a private gathering at a restaurant and invited many friends and family members. After all the guests left, Kai was seen walking out from the restaurant at about 1 am to check out the surroundings.

After ensuring that the area was “safe”, he went back the restaurant and held a woman who covered her face with a scarf. The woman was obviously very drunk and walked unsteadily. As Kai was trying to balance her by wrapping her arm around his shoulder and holding her back, the woman also held onto Kai’s waist tightly. Kai eventually held the woman back to his home.

The woman was identified by the paparazzi as Tia, due to her dressing and handbag.

A source said that Kai had introduced Tia to his parents, and his family had approved her as she did not walk out of Kai during his lowest point after his drug arrest. She is also favoured by his family due to her attentiveness.



Source: Next Magazine

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