Kai Ko to be released from detention centre tomorrow

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Kai Ko was arrested on 14 August together with his good buddy, Jaycee Chan for drug abuse. Based on the Chinese law, Kai will be detained for 14 days. Counting down the days, Kai will be released tomorrow (29 August).

Many reporters have crowded around the Dongcheng detention centre since last night. To prevent any chaos during Kai’s release, the outside of detention centre is cordoned off. Other report also said that there will be 3 entrances for Kai’s family to enter into the detention centre, to prevent any photo-taking from reporters.

Kai’s family was seen at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport this morning to take a flight to Beijing. Kai’s family refused to respond if they had received notification on Kai’s release, but it is likely that they are flying there to pick Kai back to Taiwan.

Kai may also face charges when he returns to Taiwan. The Taiwanese police revealed that Kai will not be handcuffed at the airport, but if his urine is tested positive for drugs, he will be sent to a drug rehabilitation centre. The police will not object if Kai decides to undergo self-rehabilitation programme himself.

Source: Apple Daily 

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