Kai Ko’s tearful apology: Drug taking is an ugly scar which follows me forever

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Following Kai Ko’s release from detention centre yesterday midnight, he held a press conference in the afternoon at Beijing. Kai first bowed to the media before taking his seat. Within a minute giving a statement, he broke down into tears.

Kai said, “I made a mistake. There is no reason or excuse. I am wrong.”

“I started out my career three years ago and everyone knows who is Kai Ko. I was very lucky to be given many opportunities. Many advertisers trusted me and collaborated with me. My life was very smooth sailing, but I did not know that the name Kai Ko did not just belong to me alone. This name belonged to many people who supported me and loved me. I did not know that this name could have such influence.”

“After this incident happened, I have been very sad and worried that my selfish and stupid behaviour would cause tremendous pressure to my family. My parents and my brother were very sad and heartbroken. I am very sorry to them.”

Kai also went on to apologise to his manager, Angie Chai and his working colleagues including his director, co-stars, production crew and the advertisers.

An emotional Kai said, “There is no such medicine called regret in this world. I am willing to change because I do not want to cause sadness to people who I love and love me. I am very sorry to them.”


Kai also apologised to all his fans for causing disappointment to them. He also urged everyone to learn from his mistake and stay away from drugs.

“I am wrong and I broke the law. Please do not follow my footsteps. I will work very hard to change and I will not do anything illegal. I will work hard to correct myself and grow a little everyday. This will be an ugly scar which follows me forever, and I will always remember this painful lesson.”

Kai also said that he would assist in the investigation when he is back in Taiwan. When asked if he would enlist into the military service to take a break from his career, Kai said that he had not made any future plans yet.

“The most important thing is to reflect on myself,” said the 23-year-old.

Kai also denied receiving any special treatment while he was locked up at the detention centre,

During his detention, Kai disclosed to the police that he was introduced to drugs by his good friend, Jaycee Chan. When asked if it was Jaycee that led him astray, Kai replied, “No. Nobody is right or wrong in this case. I made a poor decision, and I take responsibility for my mistake.”


Source: Ettoday 

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  1. Meiqi Reply

    Dear Kai ko ,

    Taking drug is a wrong . But peoples do make mistakes . Mistakes make us grown more mature . Each human deserve to be given a second chance . I hope you will learn your mistakes now . And never touch them again .

    All the best to you Kai ko . I will always supporting you . 🙂 加油!