Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan can’t stand each other?

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Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan have been rumoured on bad terms for four years. Conflict between the two has recently escalated during a press conference of their new drama, according to Hong Kong report.

Their relationship turned sour in 2009, when Kate accused Sharon of releasing their swimwear photos to the press. Subsequently, Sharon reportedly slapped hard on Kate’s face while filming a slapping scene in The Beauty of the Game <美麗高解像>.

Earlier, there were also rumours that Sharon had joined hands with her co-star, Grace Wong to boycott Kate at the film set of My Prime Lady <My盛Lady>.

Yesterday, tension between the TVB stars was obvious at the press conference of MidasThe Hand of Gold <點金勝手>. Sharon and Kate reportedly treated one another as transparent and had no interaction at all.

When Sharon was introducing her character, Kate was not interested and instead chatted with Nancy Wu and Bosco Wong on stage. When it was Kate’s turn to speak, Sharon adopted the same ‘transparent’ approach too.

During a group photo, the duo kept a distance from each other and deliberately posed the photo with Toby Leung in the centre. Sensing that something was wrong, Toby tried to be the mediator and dragged Sharon to stand next to Kate.

Sharon has since dismissed the conflict with Kate, but declined to respond further.


Source: The Sun

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