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Being a hot favourite of the TV Queen title, Kate Tsui’s (徐子珊) popularity increases tremendously. Her drug queen role in Lows and Highs  also received positive reviews, turning her into a media darling lately. Branded as a goddess by many men, the media captured Kate, unfortunately, in her unsightly moments recently.

A few days ago, Kate was shooting for promotional photos at the rooftop of a shopping mall. Dressing up in a low back dress and a pair of black boots, Kate exuded her sexiness and sophistication in front of the camera. However, behind the camera, Kate’s behaviour was shocking.

After the shooting, Kate headed to the dining table and gorged herself upon seeing the salad. Although there were many diners, Kate was not cautious about her eating manners and instead opened her mouth 2-inches wide to gorge the salad down. Kate then wiped her mouth with a piece of napkin.

Instead of throwing away the napkin, Kate was spotted reusing the same napkin to pick her nose. She was too engrossed into cleaning her nose that she forgot about maintaining her image. When Kate spotted a reporter, she was terribly embarrassed and stopped immediately her nose picking action.

It was not the first time that the media caught Kate in her unglamourous moments. In 2006, she discussed openly the various sex positions on a radio interview. She even stated that her sex partner could not be shorter than her, or it would be difficult to complete certain positions. Being a Miss Hong Kong winner, Kate was blasted for ruining the image of a pageant winner, and she had to apologise publicly for her wrong words.

At the Olympic torch closing ceremony in 2008, Kate accidentally revealed her red underwear when her dress was blown by strong wind. The following year, she again revealed her black underwear accidentally at a media conference at the Shanghai film festival.

Source: orientaldaily via ihktv

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