Kate Tsui rushed to hospital after a hard fall

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Two days ago, Kate Tsui had a mishap while filming for a new drama, My Prime Lady <My盛Lady.

Wearing a pair of 5 inches high-heeled shoes, Kate was filming a scene whereby she had to splash water at Dayo Wong. She accidentally slipped on the pool of water and fell hard on the ground. Dayo and the producer immediately rushed forward to help her. The fall caused excruciating pain for Kate and she kept crying continuously. Kate could not even move her legs.

The security then called for an ambulance and Kate was rushed to a nearby hospital under the accompaniment of Dayo and the producer.

After undergoing an X-ray, it was fortunate that Kate’s tailbone did not suffer any fracture. However, doctor advised Kate to recuperate and not to move around as it might aggravate her injury.

Kate was spotted on a wheelchair after leaving the hospital. Dayo was also seen patting on Kate’s shoulder before leaving and asked her to take care.

Accepting a tele-interview yesterday, Kate recalled her mishap, “I am really scared and started crying. Luckily, the doctor said that there was no fracture but the injured spot has swollen. My hands are injured too as I exerted force on my hands during the fall. I am now recuperating at home and try not to move around.”

Even after this accident, Kate said that she would still continue wearing heels if the filming required her do so. She also said that she would not take too many days to rest as it would affect the progress of the filming.

Co-star, Dayo was guilty over her hard fall. At the blessing ceremony of My Prime Lady, Dayo said, “I did see the pool of water before the filming. I was still thinking to ask someone to deal with it after the filming. I didn’t expect that it would cause an accident.”

He also shared that he was shocked and panicked over Kate’s fall. “The whole studio was so quiet that time. When she fell down, she could not move for 10 minutes and kept crying. Luckily, the x-ray showed that she is fine.”


Source: Oriental Daily

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