Kate Tsui’s sizzling naked back draws attention

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Kate Tsui has drawn attention after her sexy naked back was shown in her new series, The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手>.

In the drama, Kate tried to win the trust of Nancy Wu by stripping herself and exchanged her naked photos in return on a revenge act on Bosco Wong.

Kate’s sizzling hot photo has circulated on the web and her naked back is a talking point especially among the male netizens. Kate thanked the viewers for their support and hoped that they would continue to support her new series.

Asked if she would reveal her butt next time, Kate exclaimed, “No way! There are restrictions on TV.”

Kate, who celebrated her 35th birthday on 19 June, just returned from her vacation in Turkey. Asked if she had received any mysterious gifts from secret admirer, Kate laughed, “I didn’t even receive a single flower. I really had to reflect on myself. My happiest gift was a birthday video from my two nieces. They were really sweet.”

Asked if she hoped to have her kids soon, Kate said, “I hope so. I really like children.”


Source: Oriental Daily 

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