Ken Chu proposes to Han Wen Wen in tears

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Ken Chu and Chinese actress Han Wen Wen have been in a stable relationship since their relationship surfaced last year. Last month, the couple filed notice of intended marriage and Ken also admitted that he was about to tie the knot soon.

Two days ago, Ken planned a birthday party for Wen Wen and even gave her a surprise wedding proposal!

At Wen Wen’s 34th birthday party, Ken sang several love songs on stage, and even expressed his love for her openly in front of the guests. After he finished the songs, a 3-layer birthday cake was presented to Wen Wen, and the birthday girl gave Ken a kiss on his face. The couple also hugged and cut cake together.

Towards the end of the celebration, Ken sang the song, I will not let you walk alone <我不再讓你孤單一起走到地老天荒> and he started tearing when singing the song. He then presented to Wen Wen a bouquet of 99 roses, and a NT$5 million worth of heart-shaped diamond ring with one knee down and said to Wen Wen, “Please marry me!”

He also cried and said, “This is what I can do. Whatever I eat, you will eat the same thing. Whatever I wear, will be what you wear too. I hope you will not despise me.”

Wen Wen then held Ken up, and the couple kissed passionately. The couple also held hands and sang on stage. Ken said happily, “We plan to have 3 kids. I will share this joy with everyone here!”






Source: Apple Daily

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