Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho pose for a photo for the first time after caught on a date

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Kenji Wu and Laurinda Ho were caught on a date again. After being mobbed by a group of paparazzi, Kenji did not shun away and instead graciously allowed the reporters to take a photo with his girlfriend.

Laurinda, who is the daughter of Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho, was initially Kenji’s fan. Two years ago, Laurinda got to meet him at the backstage after his concert in Shenzhen. Since then, the couple has been photographed on numerous dates and even spotted together in Maldives and Israel.

At the charity event two nights ago, the couple became a highlight as they were both invited as performers. After the show, Kenji and Laurinda went to a restaurant for a supper. Their date was disrupted when a group of reporters suddenly dashed in the restaurant and caught them together. After being surrounded by a pool of reporters, Laurinda was so shocked that she almost wanted to run away, but Kenji patted her on the shoulders and asked her to stay behind.

The Taiwanese singer then graciously leaned forward to Laurinda and allowed the reporters to take a picture of them. Eventually, the couple left separately at around 3 am.


Asked why he did not perform with Laurinda together on stage, Kenji said, “It would be awkward. It was not necessary. We would end up adding pressure to each other.”

When probed if he had personally coached her singing, Kenji shook his head, “No, but I heard she sang pretty well. I feel that she has a talent in singing. I heard her sang once and she was excellent. I only taught her not to be so nervous. This is her first time singing in front of so many audience, but I believe she would be ok!”

Kenji also shared that he was invited by Laurinda’s mother, Ina Chan to attend the charity. “I met with Mrs Ho once, and I think she is very beautiful and kind. The casino king is very humorous.”

However, Kenji denied that he was meeting Laurinda’s parents as the identify of her boyfriend. “It’s only as her friend,” said Kenji.

Meanwhile, Laurinda’s mother had nothing but praises for Kenji. When asked if she objected to him seeing her daughter, Mrs Ho said, “It’s alright to be friends.”

Responding if she was satisfied with Kenji, she said, “He is very good!”

Source: Apple Daily 

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