Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung win big at Astro Awards 2012

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Widely seen as an indicator of the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, the Astro on Demand Awards 2012 was held yesterday at the Malaysia’s Sunway Convention Centre.

Kenneth and Tavia conferred Astro TV King and TV Queen

The Hippocratic Crush stars, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) swept three awards of the evening – My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role, My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role, My Favourite On Screen Couple and My Top 15 Favourite Characters.

As Kenneth initially announced that he would not be able to attend the ceremony due to his filming schedule of Triumph in the Skies 2 , his sudden appearance after the announcement of My Favourite On Screen Couple winner delighted the audiences. His co-star, Tavia excitedly rushed towards Kenneth and gave him a hug.

The duo also went on to clinch the grand prizes of the evening – My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role and My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role and hence, was conferred the Astro TV King and TV Queen!

Accepting her trophy on stage, Tavia said emotionally, “I used 13 years to win this award finally!” The audiences then shouted loud for her rumoured boyfriend, Him Law (罗仲谦). Tavia replied, “I do not need to thank him now”.

Kenneth was shocked when he was announced as the winner for the My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role. He replied, “I felt very pressurised receiving the award in front of so many colleagues who are of TV King standard. This is by far the most important award in my career”.

The Hippocratic Crush also went on to win the My Favourite Series. As all the artists involved in the series went on stage, Him Law moved towards Tavia when prompted by the  audiences to do so. Kenneth jokingly said, “Hope that in the sequel, my wife won’t be snatched away”.

Him Law thanked Tavia

Him Law (罗仲谦) defeated veterans Koo Ming Wah (古明華) and Ben Wong (黃智賢) to clinch the My Favourite Supporting Character award. Accepting the award in tears, Him said, “I accepted this role during the lowest point of my life. The series not only gave me a good role, but it has given me the most important thing of my life”.

He further added, “Thank you Tavia!”

This was clearly the hype of the ceremony, in which the audiences gave a thunderous cheer!

An emotional night for first-time winners

Mandy Wong (黃智雯) won the My Favourite Promising Actress for her role in L’Escargot . Touched by the encouragement by the viewers, Mandy said, “This award gave me a huge encouragement!”

Receiving the award for the first time in his career, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) held back his tears and said, “This is the first trophy I received in my ten years of career. I had ever imagined myself winning an award, but I am always afraid that this dream will not come true. Now, my dream has finally came through!”

Veteran actor, Koo Ming Wah (古明華) left a lasting impression in his performance in Divas in Distress, and won the My Favourite Popularity King. “To many people, winning award is very difficult. For me, it is even more difficult to attend such event.”

Breaking down in tears, Ming Wah said, “I promise to perform better for everyone to see”.

Laughing Gor wins the classic character award

A specially created award for the 5-year anniversary, Michael Tse beats hot favourite, Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) Law Ba and Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) Chai Kau to clinch the My Favourite Classic Role for his Laughing Gor character.

“I am very lucky to come across a good role. This award is very meaningful to me. Laughing has now become my second name,” said Michael in his acceptance speech.

List of winners for the the Astro on Demand Awards 2012

My Favourite Series: The Hippocratic Crush

My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role: Kenneth Ma / The Hippocratic Crush

My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role: Tavia Yeung / The Hippocratic Crush

5-year Anniversary Award: My Favourite Classic Role: Michael Tse / Laughing Gor

My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role: Him Law / The Hippocratic Crush

My Favourite Actress in a Supporting Role: Nancy Wu / Gloves Come Off

My Favourite On Screen Couple: Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung / The Hippocratic Crush

My Favourite Promising Actor: Oscar Leung / L’Escargot

My Favourite Promising Actress: Mandy Wong / L’Escargot

My Favourite Series Theme Song:  The Naive Ended by Raymond Lam / Hows and Lows

My Favourite Popularity King: Koo Ming Wah / Divas in Distress

My Top 15 Favourite Characters
1. Him Law /  The Hippocratic Crush
2. Ron Ng / L’Escargot
3. Linda Chung / Witness Insecurity
4. Kate Tsui / Highs and Lows
5. Michael Tse / Sergeant Tabloid
6. Kenneth Ma / The Hippocratic Crush
7. Roger Kwok / Queens of Diamonds and Hearts
8. Tavia Yeung / The Hippocratic Crush
9. Raymond Lam / Highs and Lows
10. Wayne Lai / The Confidant
11. Kevin Cheng / Gloves Come Off
12. Bosco Wong / Witness Insecurity
13. Myolie Wu / Ghetto Justice II
14. Ruco Chan / No Good Either Way
15. Moses Chan / Master of Play


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