Kenneth Ma has no time to court Charmaine Sheh

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Kenneth Ma and Charmaine Sheh were romantically rumoured after filming TVB telemovie series, A Time For Love <愛情來的時候>.

Yesterday, Kenneth and Charmaine attended an event as couple. Responding on his rumours with Charmaine, Kenneth said, “I hope the rumours will continue because I can earn more money!”

Charmaine also took the opportunity to tease Kenneth about his rumours with Tracy Chu and Rebecca Chu.

Asked if Kenneth had started to court her, Charmaine said, “Kenneth did not date me because my surname is not Chu.”

When grilled if he preferred Chu or Sheh, Kenneth replied humourously, “My surname is Ma. Those rumours are given to me by you guys. My animal sign is a horse so I get along well with people whose animal sign is pig. I am not sure about those with surname Chu.”

Earlier, Kenneth expressed that Charmaine is his ideal woman. So has he taken any action to court his ideal woman?

“Charmaine is so busy. I will see if I have time to communicate with her at the makeup studio.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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