Kenneth Ma prefers petite girls

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Yesterday, Kenneth Ma, Natalis Chan and Kristal Tin attended the Miss Hong Kong 2014 media conference, and met the contestants for the first time.

When asked if he had his eye on any contestant, Kenneth revealed that he preferred petite girls. The 40-year-old bachelor also disclosed that it is time for him to date, and many friends have also been eagerly introducing female friends to him.

Kenneth shared that he is not someone who will love at first sight. He believes that a relationship needs time to develop and understand each other. Unfortunately, due to his hectic filming schedule, he has no time to get to know any women.

While on the stage, Natalis teased Kenneth not to ‘privatise’ any contestant like Moses Chan and Hacken Lee, who both married the Miss Hong Kong winners.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. Cuifen (Garnet) Reply

    That word “petite” is wrong, totally incorrect and misleading. That is nice that Kenneth Ma prefers “petite” girls but Kenneth should clarify that he is talking about their weight. (Chinese girls). As a Chinese Asian girl, I am medium average height for women, and I have a slimmer thinner figure than other women whether they are taller, shorter or less tall than me, and my height is NOT petite. Various women or men (western) who are taller fatter look ugly or less tall fatter are jealous and racist that I (Cuifen G Tong, username) am a very pretty Chinese Asian girl. Miss Hong Kong winners are different weights and heights, different faces and figures, but as long as they are 5 ft.3″/5 ft. 4″”, that is average height for women, much taller than many. This “petite” is a western concept, designed to insult many Chinese Asian girls that have slimmer figures (but their height is not petite) than fatter western women. Please do not use the word “petite” which is offensive, rude and not polite.

    You should note that various Chinese Asian girls who are decent average height ( not tall, not short, taller than many) are quite a lot taller than women from India (4 ft.10″), South America ( 4 ft.8:”) and caucasian women (4 ft.10″). Also, men are supposed to be taller than women, men are supposed to be significantly taller than women. Some women are taller fatter but do not look beautiful. You should note that women who 5 ft.3″/5 ft.4″ is 5-6 inches, significantly taller than 4 ft.10″. You are not reasonable to try to MIX up all women using “petite”. who are different height. Even some women who are 5 ft.1″ are decent, not petite and are 3-4 inches taller than 4 ft.10″. Their (Chinese girls or Miss Hong Kong winners you refer to) weight may be petite but their height is not petite at all. Kenneth, are you referring to their weight and not their height? If you are talking about their weight, please use a nicer word such as “slim Chinese women”.