Kenneth Ma saves up money to marry Rebecca Zhu?

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Yesterday, Kenneth Ma and Rebecca Zhu attended a public event together as onscreen lovers. The couple was rumoured to be together after filming Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Despite surrounded by rumours, the pair looked comfortable on stage and exchanged glances frequently.

Sharing that he was happy to earn money with rumoured girlfriend, Kenneth said, “I am happy. After the rumour surfaced for so long, this is the first time that we are attending an event together”.

Asked if their appearance fee as a couple was more expensive, Kenneth said, “I do not know. I heard that it should be more expensive but I did not ask. We will leave it to company to arrange. Actually I do not mind earning money as rumoured couple”.

Kenneth also said that he was actively saving up money. “I am very practical now. I hope to save up more money.”

Are you saving up money to marry Rebecca?

“I will still need to save up whoever I marry,” exclaimed Kenneth.

On the other hand, Rebecca also wished to earn more money to buy an apartment. When asked if she would visit Kenneth’s parents during the Chinese new year, Rebecca replied that she would need to work. She disclosed that Kenneth gave her a red packet last year and she would also distribute red packets this year.

Source: orientaldaily 

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