Kenneth Ma to give out goddesses’ photos to voters!

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At the Astro on Demand Awards 2012 in Malaysia, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is the biggest winner and even won the Astro TV King title. Despite winning the grand prize in Malaysia, Kenneth said that his confidence did not increase for the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards in Hong Kong.

“I am very happy. I didn’t expect that I will win so many awards in Malaysia. It is beyond my expectations. However, it does not increase my confidence of winning at the TVB Anniversary Awards. The rules of the game has changed this year. Everyone has equal chance to win the award.” said Kenneth.

When asked what he would do to pull votes for himself, Kenneth replied jokingly that he would give out the photos of TVB goddesses, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) to voters.

Earlier, Kenneth was also rumoured to have reconciled with Nancy Wu (胡定欣). Kenneth clarified that they were only good friends currently. He also said that the reports were unfair to Nancy as she had a new boyfriend already.

Despite the rumours, Kenneth and Nancy did not intentionally avoid one another during the celebratory dinner and even sat next to each other.

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