Kenneth Ma will work harder to court Charmaine Sheh

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Recent tabloids reported that Charmaine Sheh was interested in Kenneth Ma and tried to seductively “hooked” him while filming A Time for Love in Singapore <愛情來的時候>.

Charmaine protested on the report, “The description is so bad. The title should be Kenneth is chasing me. The word ‘hook’ is so uncivilized. ‘Courting’ sounds better.”

Kenneth has expressed previously that he dared not request more intimate scenes with Charmaine as he was not on the same ”level” with her. Charmaine thought otherwise and sang praises for her co-star.

“He is too humble. He has a high level. Our collaboration is refreshing and has great chemistry.”

Asked if she would consider hot commodity, Kenneth as her boyfriend, Charmaine said, “I am a hot commodity too! Two hot commodities naturally film together. He is very professional and gentlemanly.”

The light-hearted Kenneth joked that he wanted to court Charmaine, but worried that he was not good enough for her.

“Actually, Charmaine is 80% my ideal woman, but my career is not on par to her. I don’t make enough money as her, so I have to work harder.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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