Kevin Cheng admits that Grace Chan has been to his house!

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Hong Kong tabloids reported that TVB actor Kevin Cheng has been secretly dating 23-year-old starlet Grace Chan for two months.

Grace was also photographed to be entering into the apartment building of Kevin, although there are no photos of the duo together.

Returning to TVB City today for filming, Kevin was grilled on his new romance. The 45-year-old said, “There is already so much publicity for the drama even though the filming is not completed yet. We started filming two months ago. Does that mean the relationship started from the first day of filming?”

Kevin said that he had moved to the apartment many years, and it was not a “love nest” as claimed by the tabloids. However, he admitted that Grace had been to his house, but she was only there to borrow a DVD.

“I spoke to her about movies before. She is very motivated and likes to watch movies to improve her acting skills. My house has many DVDs. I had to film and could not be at home that day. Since she wanted to borrow, she went to my house to pick up the DVDs. There was a helper to open the door for her. It is as simple as that. Please do not think too much. There are many people who have been to my house such as Natalie Tong, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Cho and Alex Lam.”

Kevin stressed that this was the first time which Grace had been to his house. They are just friends at the moment.


Asked if there was any room for development, Kevin said, “We are just friends for now. Any relationship has to start from friends. Nothing is definite, but for now, we are just friends and colleagues.”

Asked about their huge age gap, Kevin said, “This is not my consideration factor. Communication and timing is more important.”

Kevin also added that he would not be embarrassed seeing Grace.

“We are all in this line. If I really want a wife, please take care of me. Everything has to start off as friends. We have not even started and my friend is scared away. Please spare me!”


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  1. P. Tan Reply

    This time it looks as if Kevin doesn’t mind at all being discovered by the press! Obviously it’s a very flattering revealing for him as Grace would indeed be a very good ‘catch’. Not only is she pretty (mind you, voted, Beauty Queen last year). owns a university degree from Vancouver but comes also from a good familyof strong financial status to boot. Grace is any man’s dream girl if what one hears about her good nature is true. Besides that she is ‘intelligent’ and that is certainly an important quality Kevin seeks in the person he wants to marry. And who wouldn’t want to marry Kevin?

  2. Nasty Reply

    The relationship won’t last long

  3. Jessie Reply

    Just got a feeling they are already together.

  4. Cool Girl Reply

    Can sense that he likes her….

    1. Lori Reply

      Yeaaah I can sense it too.