Kevin Cheng holds hands with Grace Chan at Myolie Wu’s wedding

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KevinChengThe spotlight was on Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan yesterday when the couple held hands attending Myolie Wu’s wedding.

Kevin said that he had collaborated with Myolie in 3 dramas, and he had come to congratulate her. When asked if they had planned for their wedding, Grace dodged the question and said, “I feel we should respect them. We shall chat later.”

Kevin was also asked if it was the first time he took Grace to a wedding. He said, “I don’t often attend weddings. Yes, it’s the first time. (What wedding present did you get for Myolie?) I asked Myolie if her house needed anything. She said she just wanted a practical item, so I gave something practical to her! (Cash?) It’s the most practical. She can buy anything she likes.”

Grace evaded the question again when asked if she was eager to get married.

“I am looking forward to seeing Myolie’s wedding gown and what the banquet is like. I think she has prepared this for a long time. We can witness her efforts tonight. I am very happy for her.”




Meanwhile, Kevin’s ex-girlfriend Niki Chow also attended the wedding, but she appeared after Kevin and Grace walked in.

Asked if it was awkward for her seeing Kevin and Grace, Niki said, “Not at all. I will say hi to them. This is not the first time [I met Kevin].”

Responding if she was envious of Myolie, Niki said, “I am used to it. Many of my friends are married and have kids. For me, I will leave it to fate.”



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