Kevin Cheng not invited to Nicky Wu’s wedding: “Maybe they know I am lazy”

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Yesterday, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan were filming for a promotional clip for their new drama, Blue Veins <殭>.

Kevin was asked to comment if Kay Tse or Grace Chan was prettier. Kevin laughed and said, “You are asking the obvious. I’m not replying. Salted fish and vegetables all have their fans.”

At Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu’s wedding, Kevin Cheng was noticeably absent, and this fueled speculations if he and Nicky was on bad terms.

Kevin said, “It was too far. Maybe they know that I am lazy, so they did not invite me. I did not have to decide to attend or not to attend. If Myolie Wu held her wedding in overseas, I might not attend too.”

Asked if he and Nicky were on bad terms, Kevin said, “It’s not true. Because of this, then we are on bad terms? I’m not so petty. To be honest, everyone has been very busy in recent years, and I did not keep much in touch with Nicky and Cecilia.”


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