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Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) is branded as one of the top eligible bachelors. His popularity soared after acting in “Scarlet Heart” <步步惊>, and he has been filming in many mainland’s dramas. Kevin’s salary skyrockets and he reportedly will collect $7 million RMB from his latest Chinese drama “Ip Man” <叶问>. With his career soaring high, Kevin’s love life is still empty.

At a talk show in Hong Kong, Kevin Cheng revealed his criteria for his significant half. Hoping to find a soul mate in his life, Kevin expressed that he was looking for the inner beauty of a woman.

“No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will turn old one day. I feel that it’s more important to find a smart woman. She will be flexible when facing difficulty and has refreshing ideas. We will be able to take care and understand each other and marriage will then last.”

Besides acting, Kevin also has plans to open his production studio. Speaking that his production studio is likely to be based in Beijing, Kevin shared that the mainland has a huge market that enables him to explore in various areas.

Kevin’s last album is six years ago, and he will be launching his new album soon. Kevin’s new album will also encompass his vision for love, past experiences and his vision for the future. He will also personally be involved in the cover design and the selection of songs’ choice. However, his music plan will be put on hold until he completes his filming on hand.

Source: ent.sina.com  
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