Laurinda Ho hints breakup with Kenji Wu

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Taiwanese singer Kenji Wu have been dating Macau’s casino king Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho for 4 years. Their relationship has been very stable, and have been dating openly.

Today at about 5 am, Laurinda suddenly left an ambiguous message on her Instagram, and suspected to be hinting her breakup with Kenji.

She wrote, “I promise myself that this will be the last time I cry for you. I will not bear any grudge, and I will move on. I will not hold on to all the fake or truth. Most importantly, I will always remember the last impression that you gave me when we separated. This will remind myself not to be foolish anymore. Maybe, one day, I will thank you. Thank you for letting me learn how to love myself more.”

A few days ago, Laurinda posted some photos of her Hokkaido trip. Coincidentally, Kenji also posted a photo of himself at a bear ranch in Hokkaido.

The media suspected that the couple broke up after their trip to Hokkaido.



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