Leehom Wang brings model home for 12 hours

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Two days ago, Leehom Wang (王力宏) was sighted picking up a model, Evelyn Lin to his home.

At 2 am (28 October), Leehom’s BMW was spotted parking at a street. After 15 minutes, the sexily dressed model reportedly got onto Leehom’s car and headed into the direction of his house.

The pair left Leehom’s house the next day at around 2 pm, with Leehom driving off in his car while Eveyln left in a taxi. Evelyn reportedly had her same set of clothes on when she left the place.

Leehom’s manager responded that the singer invited a group of friends to a Halloween party at his house and Evelyn was one of the friends he had invited.

Clearly annoyed with the paparazzi tailing, Leehom knocked on the window of a reporter’s car yesterday. Scoffing at the reporter, Leehom said “I am only here to cut my hair. Do you still need to take anymore pictures?”

After walking out from a hair salon, he immediately hopped onto his car when grilled if Evelyn spent the night at his house.

Evelyn collaborated with Leehom on his music video in 2005, and the model was also the former girlfriend of Taiwanese actor, Sunny Wang  (王陽明).

Source: appledaily

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