Leehom Wang is going to be a dad

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Leehom Wang has announced that he is going to be a dad soon!

The 38-year-old took the chance to announce his wife Lee Jinglei’s pregnancy during his birthday celebration after a concert in Xi’an. After his wife took up a cake on stage, Leehom excitedly said, “In future, we will be 1+1=3! Thank you for giving me a wonderful birthday present.”

Jinglei, who is five months pregnant now, was spotted with a baby bump. Dressed in a loose blouse and flats, she also thanked the fans for supporting Leehom. The couple then bowed to the fans and held hands together to cut the cake. Leehom also planted two kisses onto his beloved wife’s forehead.

Jinglei is expected to give birth at the end of the year in Taiwan. Leehom said, “There is no confinement in United States. It’s better for her to do her confinement in Taiwan.”

Although Leehom said that he did not know the gender of the baby yet, it was speculated that his wife was expecting a baby boy as he said that his baby would be named Wang Yi (Wang number one).

There were rumours that Jinglei could be pregnant after the couple suddenly got married in US on 27 November last year. Leehom stressed that Jinglei was not pregnant before they got married.


Unable to hide his excitement, Leehom shared that he was screaming with joy when he first heard his wife’s pregnancy.

“I cried and I screamed at the same time!”

Leehom is not at all worried about becoming a first-time dad as he has experiences looking after babies.

“I helped my younger brother change his diapers and make his milk when he was young. Besides, my older brother has two children and I know how to take care of children.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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