Leehom Wang kisses his wife openly

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Leehom Wang and his wife, Lee Jinglei made their first public appearance at a bakery shop yesterday. The newly-weds were baking wedding pastries to give away to their friends and relatives.

The couple initially ordered the wedding pastries from a french bakery, but was unsatisfied that the bakery published their photos for promotional uses without their permission. Unable to cancel his orders, Leehom donated his 270 boxes of pastries to a pre-school.

Yesterday, the couple was loving and affectionate together. Besides feeding each other with cookies, Leehom even hugged his wife and kissed her on the cheek. As it was Jinglei’s first public appearance, she was nervous facing the cameras.

When asked if she was Leehom’s fan, Jinglei hesitated and replied shyly “no”. A disappointed Leehom responded, “You are not my fan? I am so hurt!”

Jinglei quickly responded with her cutesy voice, “Yes yes yes. I am your fan!”

Jinglei pointed out that she was attracted to Leehom’s kind and caring personality. “He is kind, attentive, romantic and helps out with household chores.”

She also said that Leehom is even more attentive than a woman, as he can remember important dates.

Leehom praised that his wife has a sweet and nice voice.

The couple does not have plans to throw any wedding banquet, but intends to take their honeymoon vacation together with their family to Africa.


Source: Apple Daily 

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