Leon Lai announces separation from Gaile Lok

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The marriage of Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok (樂基兒) has ended.

After divorcing rumours between the couple have been escalating, Leon officially announces separation from his wife of four years.

The couple’s marriage was speculated to have ended after Gaile was photographed with her new beau vacationing at Bali. A shocking photo of her exposing her briefs was uploaded by her rumoured beau, Denimcuz.

Gaile laughs at rumours

After tabloids published her Bali photos with rumoured beau, Gaile shrugged off the scandals and joked with Cuz on the Instagram. Gaile posted the tabloids report on the website and jokingly said that she had made her friends famous.

A friend also asked Gaile to introduce her boyfriend. Gaile responded in light-heartedly, “which one…seems like I have many.”

Cuz also wrote, “My gf isn’t happy about this…It’s not funny.”

Gaile also apologised to Cuz about the scandalous report.

Leon and Gaile issued separation statement

Leon and Gaile through their company, Paciwood Music Entertainment Ltd issued a press statement this afternoon at around 3 pm to announce their separation.

Below is the contents of the press statement:

“Paciwood Music Entertainment’s artists – Leon Lai and Gaile Lok would like to announce: Although the couple has spent beautiful moments and still care for one another, both parties have serious differences in their life philosophies. After careful consideration, both parties decided to officially separate.”

“We hope that the public can give them the privacy to ride out the difficult times and allow them to adapt to their new life so that they can continue to focus on their work. On behalf of Ms Gaile Lok and Mr Leon Lai, we would like to express our gratitude to the press for giving them support and concern.”
Source: mingpao, ihktv

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