Leon Lai pays $110 million alimony to Gaile Lok?

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Rumours are rampant that Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok (乐基儿) are heading towards divorce. As the couple spend their time apart due to increasing workload, their marriage reportedly is on the rocks.

Although Leon spent a couple of weeks with Gaile in San Francisco, he was unable to save his fading marriage. Earlier, Gaile reportedly applied for an immigration paper to United States for her beloved dog. Leon also resigned from the position of director from the company jointly owned by the couple.

According to Gaile’s friend, the couple has different personalities. “The two of them are worlds apart and have different living standards. Leon loves to enjoy lavish lifestyle, buying yachts, private plane and dine at high-end restaurants. On the other hand, Gaile only wishes for a simple lifestyle, even if she only eats Macdonald meals, she is fine. Gaile tried to change Leon, but he refused. Hence, the couple has to part ways.”

The couple had secretly registered their marriage in Las Vegas in 2008. According to the laws in United States, the wife will not be able to receive half of her spouse’s assets after divorce, unless both parties reach an agreement. Gaile reportedly did not request a monthly alimony but only requested a one-time settlement.

Under a mutual agreement, Leon will pay HK $50 million in cash and hands to Gaile three mansions in San Francisco. The three mansions are worth around HK $60 million, and as such, total alimony paid to Gaile is estimated to be worth HK $110 million!

As Leon had given three mansions to Gaile before, Gaile will have six properties in her hand. With six properties and an enormous sum of cash on hand, Gaile will be able to live at ease even after divorcing from her husband.


Source: et.21.cn

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