Lin Chiling furious with speculations and threatens to sue

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Recently, Next Magazine published the initials of the female celebrities who was said to be involved in an international prostitution ring.

The magazine said that “Ms L”, a very famous model who has filmed movies, charges NT$2 million or more for sexual services. Reports also claimed that the ring leader, Tai Chun-yi often bragged about arranging dinners for Chiling, and had helped to boost her popularity.

As Chiling was speculated to be “Ms L”, she has issued an statement through her manager to put a stop on the rumours.

“The hearsay and aimless speculations are serious blow to a person’s dignity. For untrue reports, we will take legal action. I do not know this woman with the surname Tai, and I urge the media to stop speculations and reporting.”

Attending an event yesterday, Chiling also expressed her unhappiness and anger over the reports.

“When we are in this entertainment circle, we have to learn to deal with all sorts of rumours. What I believe most is one’s moral character. My conscience is clear, and I don’t wish to see such reports linking to me again. I can’t accept and I won’t allow it. Please stop.”

Chiling also said that her agency would reserve to take legal action against any report which is defaming.

Source: Apple Daily

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