Li Yapeng locks lips with new lover in public

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Barely two months divorcing his ex-wife Faye Wong, Li Yapeng has a new lover.

Since announcing the divorce, speculations were rife that Yapeng and Faye had a third party in their marriage. However, Faye defended her ex-husband, stated that the divorce was solely her decision and there wasn’t any third party in their marriage.

Recently, paparazzi caught Yapeng with a young woman behaving intimately in public. Besides walking hand in hand, the couple even kissed passionately at an underground carpark. After that, Yapeng returned to the woman’s apartment and reportedly spent 11 hours there.

The woman is identified as Feng Jingen, who is a newcomer in the entertainment industry and has been acting minor roles in many mainland dramas. Jingen is 20 years old, has a tall and slim figure.

Jingen was previously romantically rumoured with mainland actors such as Mickey He Shengming and Yin Xiaotian.



Source: Sina, Yes Entertainment 

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