Li Yundi denies “Looking for Leehom”

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8738114439909853348The “Looking for Leehom” saga continues…..

Recently, Taiwanese magician Lu Chen spoke out that the “Looking for Leehom” joke during the magic show segment at the new year was suggested by Li Yundi.

As Yundi was in a “brokeback” scandal with Leehom Wang, the duo agreed to use Leehom during the magic show to create the special laughter effect, according to Lu Chen.

After days of remaining in silent, the pianist finally spoke out and wrote on his Weibo, “I have heard many untrue reports after the CCTV New Year’s Gala. I will voice a sentence of truth here – I had never suggested or initiated any lines. I believe all your judgement”.

Lu Chen declined to respond and his manager said, “We prefer to use the time to do other important stuff”.

On the other hand, Leehom’s fans have blasted Yundi for using Leehom to create publicity. A netizen wrote, “It seems that Li Yundi is the one flaming the news”.

Another wrote, “Do not drag Leehom into the picture!”

Source: Apple Daily

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