Lin Chi-ling chooses Qiu Shi Kai over Jerry Yan?

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Earlier, Jerry Yan (言承旭)was rumoured to tie the knot with Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) after he bought a new mansion. However, the Taiwanese model was spotted recently with businessman ex-boyfriend Qiu Shi Kai (邱士楷) on a house hunting trip together in Shanghai, fuelling speculations if the pair had rekindled their romance.

At a recent interview, Chi-ling also expressed her intention to get married before the age of 40. Turning 38 next month, Chi-ling was speculated to view the ‘love nest’ with the businessman.

A netizen uploaded online a back view of Chi-ling walking into a building and wrote, “Chi-ling is here. Her legs are sexily long.”

Another netizen also posted online a photo of Shi Kai’s side profile and commented, “This is Lin Chi-ling’s husband. Lin Chi-ling came here with him to view a house.”

Netizens claimed that Chi-ling became anxious when she was recognised by people. Shi Kai, on the other hand, wore a pair of sunglasses to avoid being recognised.

Chi-ling admits subtly viewing property with ex-boyfriend

When the news first exposed, Chi-ling denied looking for a property in Shanghai and only stated that she was there to work. However, when the photos surfaced, Chi-ling’s manager changed her statement and indicated that the model viewed the property due to a friend’s recommendation.

Asked if Shi Kai accompanied Chi-ling to view the property, her manager did not answer directly and replied, “I think it’s not appropriate to ask me.”

Jerry Yan fell upon hearing reconciliation news?

Chi-ling’s another rumoured ex-boyfriend, Jerry Yan reportedly injured himself while filming a skating scene in Liaoning, China.

Jerry was suspected to be disturbed by the reconciliation rumours between Chi-ling and her ex-boyfriend that he lost his concentration during the filming, and fell to the ground while shooting a skating scene.

The love triangle of Chi-ling, Jerry and Shi Kai first sparked off when the two men showed a lot of concern to her when she fell from riding a horse in 2005. While Jerry visited Chi-ling at the hospital, her other suitor, Shi Kai sent her flowers and a card which wrote “Missing you”.

Source: appledaily

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