Lin Chi-ling labelled as “flowerpot” in ‘Switch’

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Taiwan’s number one model, Lin Chi-ling has been striving hard for five years in the filming industry, but her effort does not seem to pay off.

She has always been negatively labelled as a “good looking vase” in the movies and recently, viewers even harshly criticized her as a “flowerpot” in her latest movie with Andy Lau, Switch <天機─富春山居圖>.

Chi-ling made her acting debut in John Woo’s Red Cliff <赤壁> in 2008. Although her acting was still raw at that time, the blockbuster movie helped her to gain a foothold in the Chinese films industry.

However, her subsequent movies The Treasure Hunter <刺陵> in 2009, Welcome to Sha-ma Town <決戰剎馬鎮> in 2010 and Love on Credit <幸福額度> in 2011 all met with disappointing box office results and poor reviews.

Although her movie with Huang Bo 101 Marriage Proposals <101次求婚> did garner positive reviews at the beginning of 2013, her effort has gone down the drain with Switch. Audience blasted her acting in the movie and even negatively labelled her a “flowerpot”.

Responding to the harsh criticisms lately, Chi-ling said, “I believe the team is reviewing the story and structure of the movie. However, we can’t wipe off the effort of the team. I think instead of looking back, we should urge ourselves to look forward and improve the next time.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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    Despite a horrible movie it is still reaping in cash due to Andy influence in China.

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  2. Sophia Lee Reply

    Media reports that Lin Chiling endorsement fees has gone up after “Switch”.

    Mediocrity breeds success, thus one do not need to perform well.