Lin Chi-ling: “My breasts are real”

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Possessing a stunning figure and a beautiful face, Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling has always been plagued by plastic surgery rumours.

After she fell off from a horse during a commercial shoot in 2005, rumours have been circling that she has undergone breast implant surgery. Recently, the rumours have escalated after she rejected to participate in a diving programme in China.

Attending a P&G event in Hong Kong recently, Chi-ling clarified the breast implant rumours. She exclaimed, “The doctor can certify that my breasts are real!”

Chi-ling said that she did not receive any invitation from the diving programme.

“I have more or less recovered from the accident, but I dare not take part in dangerous activities such as horse riding or diving. I do not have a phobia in height, but I am just timid. As diving is a difficult activity, everyone should give applause to the contestants.”

When asked about her love status, the 38-year-old replied, “I am single currently and I am still choosing. Perhaps I should be courting others instead!”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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