Lin Chi-ling on reconciling with Jerry Yan: “I won’t go for a guy with girlfriend”

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Ex-couple, Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan were speculated to have a chance of reconciling, after the former said that she “would not resist reconciling” with Jerry.

However, a few days ago, Chi-ling attended an event and shot down rumours of them reconciling. Chi-ling disclosed that she had not contacted Jerry for almost a year.

“We last contacted a year ago, and have not met up anymore. There will not be any further progress,” said Chi-ling.

Chi-ling explained that she was only being polite when responding earlier that she did not resist reconciling with her ex-boyfriend. “I said I would not resist. I couldn’t be saying ‘No No’ right?”

When asked if she knew that Jerry had a girlfriend now, Chi-ling said, “I heard of it, but I’m not sure so I won’t reply on his behalf. I will ask him, but I won’t tell you.”

Asked if she would go after a guy who is attached, Chi-ling said, “I won’t go for a guy with girlfriend and intervene in their relationship.”

Source: Apple Daily

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