Lin Chi-ling replaces Myolie Wu and Fala Chen as lead actress in ‘Triumph in the Skies 2’ movie

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3016345_183915023_2After TVB announces producing a movie version of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 II>, fans have wondered if the original cast will be retained.

It looks like Holiday Ho and Summer Koo, played by Fala Chen and Myolie Wu may not be returning to the show.

Fala reportedly did not enjoy a good working relationship with the production crew as she was consistently late during the filming last year. Besides, Fala has ended her contract with TVB, and there is no reason for TVB to continue grooming her.

As there is a clash in Myolie’s filming schedule, she may not be able to film the movie version as well.

Taiwanese model-actress, Lin Chi-ling reportedly will take on the lead actress role instead. She will play a beautiful air stewardess in the movie, and shares love scenes with Chilam Cheung. Chinese actress, Gao Yuanyuan will also join the movie.

Chilam, who lost the TV King award, has confirmed filming and will reprise the well-loved Captain Cool role. Chilam’s agency, China 3D Digital Entertainment’s chairman Stephen Shiu said, “Chilam will definitely film the Triumph in the Skies movie. Our relationship with TVB has been good. We will not sour our relationship because of the (TV King) loss. Rest assured, even if he did not win the TV King, we will still film the movie.”

Meanwhile, Francis Ng reportedly has discussed his fees and will reprise as Captain Samuel Tong. Louis Koo is also in talks over a major role in the movie and he is said to be playing a pilot, starring alongside with Chilam and Francis.


Source: Face Magazine 

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  1. Ja Reply

    Holiday acted by chen fala cannot be replaced,
    It will not have the same impact anymore.
    I think chen fala did very well in this role as ‘ Holday’.