Lin Chi-ling reveals why she has not reconciled with Jerry Yan

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Lin Chi-ling and Jerry Yan were speculated to be living together after netizens found similarities in their houses.

Chi-ling attended an event yesterday and dismissed the rumours. She said, “It’s not possible. Under the supervision of the media, you all know that I’m staying with my parents. How is that possible?”

However, Chi-ling revealed that she and Jerry still keep in touch occasionally, and their status now remain the same.

When asked if it was because of long distance that hinder them from patching back, Chi-ling said, “You can’t say that. Distance doesn’t matter if everyone has the heart. Maybe we have not found the right timing and fate.”

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Normita c. Carido Reply

    Hayy,,,at last their proving that love last till the end ,,wishing them both find happiness to be together ,,,,,love you jerry yan ,till now